You Made Me Love Ya!

I looked at you
You glanced at me
I got confused, didn’t know what to do
I smiled at you
You took my hand
Trembling inside, I didn’t have a clue

I’m so sure you made me love ya
‘Cause I don’t know why I fell that way
Usually I don’t fall for strangers
And like magic on a random day
Perfectly you made me love ya!

A rainy day
You woke up my heart
Your heart spoke to mine and not to me
Oh yesterday
You dried the tears
So I could see you chased my fears away


That look in your eyes
Is still like those I fell for
The future tears you cry
Will be when I walk out that door
That touch of your hand
Still feels like our first touch
I know you’ll never understand
I leave ’cause I can’t bear your love
‘Cause you give me too much

Chorus 2:
Your plan was to make me love ya
I don’t understand how that could be
Usually I don’t fall for secrets
A random day you were there for me
Tragically you made me love ya
I leave your love and your touch
‘Cause you give me too much…

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2002.