Laugh Or Cry?

You love me so deep
But I can’t love you back
Stop before you’re makin’ me weep
You’re makin’ me slack
You love me so true
But I can’t love you too
Stop before you’re makin’ me cry
I can’t explain why

Tell me if I shall laugh or cry
Prepare me to hide my eyes
But just don’t ask me why
I can take the hurt and the lies
And tell me to be wrong or right
Then we can avoid a fight
Back and forth from the light
So don’t say you need me tonight

Don’t beg me to stay
I want to have control
I’ll cry if you lash out and say
That you own my soul
Is this truth or dare?
Then I won’t be in there
You freak our but then you hold my hand
So I doubt where I stand


Don’t make me turn now
To look in your sad eyes
Yet I just can’t tell you somehow
Shall I laugh or cry?
Tell me what to do
To avoid hurting you
You tell me that I ought to know
Just tell me to go


Put away your grace
And put on a mad face
I can show you the hidden trace
To my sacred place
You need to help me
To answer truthfully
Loved me for one you’d thought I’d be
Pressures me to see


Don’t wanna go back
Back to where I started
Can’t you see we’re drifting off track?
We’re getting parted
And it’s all my fault
Didn’t hear when you called
Running our heads against the wall
Makes both of us fall

Repeat Chorus.

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2001.