Everytime you visit me
I want to play that funky melody
And everytime that you’re around
It’s like a beat without a sound
Turn up the volume and move around
Everytime that’s what I’ve found
Imagine the glory there will be
This one will go down in history

I want to sing
When you look in my eyes
That will not bring
A lot of goodbyes
Just be with me everytime
Stay with me
Till the sweet break of dawn
‘Cause we will be
Like a song, new-born
Stay with me for a long time
Promise you’ll always be mine

Everytime I hear your voice
You leave me breathless without a choice
You say it’s my choice who I choose
If I don’t choose you I will lose
Don’t turn me on and just leave me here
Just whisper sweet words in my ear
Imagine the joy there now will be
If you will share some lovin’ with me


Boy, you know how to make me go crazy
But then you always amaze me
I need you to hold me tight
And be tender all through the night
I need you to be tenderly
Stay with me for eternity
I need you, oh!
Never let me go


© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2000.