Inner Beauty

Inner beauty
Is the only thing that counts
Inner beauty
It goes a pair of rounds
Inner beauty
It goes, and it resounds

I was to a party
It was fun, warm and nice
But a girl sat beside me
Her face was cold as ice
I thought that she was sad
Or let down or mad
I asked her: “What’s wrong?”
She told me the whole thing
And I told her to be strong
And got us both a drink
Her boy had let her down
Because he found out that


The girl beside me
Was very pretty and hot
For a week ago, a boy
Had fallen for her on the spot
They began to talk
And went out on a walk
The boy also looked good
They talked a little bit
And ran into the woods
But then she got hit
Of the thought of
What the boy was up to
Then she remembered
What her parents had told her:


The two young people
Were in the middle of
The big dark wood
The run was tough
And they lay down
On the wooden ground
Suddenly he ripped her pants of
And he raped her
She was confused and angry
But she had to tell her parents
She ran home
While she was thinking:


Now she knows
That not all handsome boys
Are what we think they are
And it doesn’t matter
Whether you are
Thin or fat
Tall or short
Wise or unwise
As long as you have got your:

Chorus twice.

Why don’t you see my
Inner beauty

Come on and see my
Inner beauty


Now you will see my
Inner beauty
Now you can see my
Inner beauty
Yeah, you can see my
Inner beauty


© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 1999.

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