The Other Way Around

I look at you glancing
I watch when you’re dancing
You look so enchanting
Not only this evening

You should be loving me
Like the one I want to be
You’re the only one who can make me free
You’re holding my locked heart and you have the key

You love her and not me
I love you, can’t you see?
My love is a one-way street
That only leads to you
Realize that I am sweet
And make me a one-way street too
Your love should turn the other way around
You’re the only one, to you I wanna be bound
Your love should go the other way around
In your love on your one-way street I wanna be found

You make me feel so high
I’m flying in the sky
I want to tell you why
(But I) Don’t dare to tell you why

You’re moving me with grace
I want you to touch my face
I go back in time and I know the place
I just wish our love weren’t stuck in this maze


Now you lie by my side
And I hear your heat beat
How did you escape your fight
And make our lovers street?

We can make love in the backseat
But I’d rather do it between the sheets
We’re wrapped up nice and neat
Next week I’ll get us a hotel suite

When you lie by my side
I know it is right
To get free of her tonight
Your light in your eyes shines so bright


(What did you say darling?)

Now you say you only used me
And won’t do it again
How could you do that to me?!
Still I want you to be more than a friend…

Chorus twice.

(A capella):
Count the tears from my eyes
Do you even care how much I cry?

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2002.