Money is worth all the pain
I need to feel the cash again
It’s all I’ll ever need
Money is the free man’s pride
With money we don’t need to hide
It’s all we need to feel

I’ll stay up till break of dawn
I will work all day from the morn’
To improve on my cash
I’ll work till my body aches
And I won’t care if my heart breaks
Over the lonely guy

Does it have to be this way? – We’re tired and got nothing to say
I’ve dreamt I were a millionaire – But for my friends and family it wasn’t fair
Is it all about money? – It leaves us cold and lonely

Do you want to feel lonely?
Cold and unhappy just like me?
Don’t ever wish for that
I’ve got many things to buy
Then I’ll leave you wondering why
I won’t break down and cry

Do you ever feel like me?
Without money I just can’t see
Why some can be happy
I’m slowly slipping away
From the holy and blessing day
For money I won’t pray


It’s all wrong and out of place
Are you ashamed of this disgrace?
I hope you live to learn
Now you have taken my role
Don’t care about money they stole
Now it’s love I want to earn

Chorus to end.

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2001.