I’d like to tear off your disguise
You can’t keep hiding all your life
Show your face and look in my eyes
You don’t have to be afraid to cry…

Why are you wearing that disguise?
You can’t turn away to suffer from the lies
You need to tell me about it
Or I can’t help you
I don’t mind if you scream and shout about it
Just as long as you tell me…

I’d like to look into your eyes
You can’t keep hiding all your love
I can understand if you cry
You can’t move me even though you shove…


There you are I see
You stand in front of me
If you ask I’ll say I’m not blind
I see you’ve left your disguise behind
It takes a lot of strength to do
And I can see the strength in you.

I see the strength in you
Your inner beauty shines through
I’m glad you threw out that disguise
‘Cause now it’s true when I look in your eyes…

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2002.