In Your Shoes

I see you in your worn-out clothes
Your hair hangs in a mess
You got no nails on your toes
But you got a dream of a beautiful dress
Your lips are cold and blue
The only pretty blue is in your eyes
And you got blue marks on your body too
Don’t be ashamed, ’cause I understand why you cry

If I were in your shoes
I wouldn’t know what to do
I would give up at last
And hope God would find me fast

Now you are walking down the street
I see your hope vanish
It’s your cold you can’t defeat
And the food you get is from the wild dog’s dish
I do want to help you
But I just don’t know how to help you through
Cold people with cold hearts just walk on by
But I am here, I’ll stay until your tears are dry


I’d be glad to warm your heart
And I would keep it from falling apart
I would cover your footprints
And we could pretend you lived the good life
I’m your confident
And I’ll always defend
You’re heading for the better life
While I close my eyes
You cut yourself with the knife


© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2001.