You’re just like a soap-opera without any end
That shows too well that on you I can’t depend
You’re so boring and predictable
You’re boring though you’re beautiful

You’re never reaching the end
You’re never gonna stop to think
You’ll never get a true friend
Load yourself with clothes ‘till you sink

I don’t need to be shallow
I don’t need somebody to follow
I only follow my heart
And that means I avoid you
Don’t need to be a backstabber
Just to make it look like I’ve got friends
Don’t need to be a grabber
‘Cause I don’t steal to be cool

You’re just like a suitcase without any contents
Empty inside you won’t be better than me
You’re such a fake and you all look alike
Why can’t you see you’re not that nice?!

You’ll never reach the middle
‘Cause it is the heart of it all
You’re stuck in the same riddle
And there’s no one there when you call


Shallowness is meaningless
You judge me by the way I look
By the clothes and hair I wear
You tease me when I read a book
Shallowness is so hopeless
You put “kick me”-notes on my back
I use my brain and you don’t
But I guess you didn’t get that!


© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2003.