I Still Love You

You say you don’t care
That you don’t love me
You think that is fair
You don’t live in reality
You leave me alone
With my heart and soul bleeding
Your heart is made of stone
You don’t know what I’m needing, but…

I still love you
Even though you’re kicking me down
I am still true
Even though you don’t want me around
I am still here
Although I know you don’t want me
I’m standing here
And talk truthfully
It’s the truth
That I still love you

There’s too much of you
You take up space
You don’t know what’s true
There’s not enough of you for me
Don’t you understand
That I still miss you so much?
And I still miss your hand
And I miss your special touch, ’cause…


I don’t know what to do with myself
Where to put my hands
Who’s to hear the three little words?
Don’t know what to do with my empty shelves
Where to take my stand
Who wants to take away this hurt?

Who’ll take this pain away?
Oh baby, please come back and stay
I lie awake and pray
That someday you’ll come back my way, ’cause…


© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2001.