The Way U Look

Your tender blue eyes
Are so beautiful
I don’t think they ever cry
And your soft bright hair
I truly think it makes
Every girl around you care
There’s something in the way you smile
That makes me sweat
You’re chillin’ me all the while

I love the way u look
You’re one of my kind
You present more than the biggest book
I can truly say you’re on my mind
There’s something in the way you walk
That makes me imagine us dancing
I’d give anything just to talk
‘Cause boy, do you know you’re so enchanting?

And the things you say
Always make me stay
I like you in every way
And the things you do
I don’t think I’m a fool
By falling in love with you
I won’t ever complain ‘bout you – I’ll never do
I like you and your friends too


Now I know you inside out
And that has only made it better
I love you so don’t ever doubt
You’re beautiful in my eyes
You might not be to other girls
But who you are won’t make me lie
You stepped out from the emptiness
And became my all and nothing less
So that’s all that matters now
And I’ll try to forget the rest somehow

Repeat Chorus.

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2001.