Too Good To Let Go

You’re so amazing
You say: “All my love’s for you”
And all I can do
Is whisper “I love you too”
In love and anything else but blue
I say: “How many times must you call on me?”
And you say: “As many times as you will fall baby”
You know how to be discrete
You’ll never get down on dirty sheets

You’re too good to let go
You’ll fall no matter what, I know
But baby, don’t leave me lonely
‘Cause you are the one and only
I don’t care if you stand tall or fall
‘Cause I’ll be there whenever you call

You love so sweetly
We’re wrapped up neatly
I spend Christmas time with you
And New Years Eve too
No colors turn out blue
And I know our love is deep and true
I ask: “How many times must you leave this way?”
You don’t know but you’ll be back is all you can say
For now I will let you go
But just because you’ll be back, I know


If you, someday, have to go away
It’ll be hard to let you go
Hearts break, no fake, I’ll fall down and pray
I’ll be a fallen soldier in a comic show
I won’t let go with my free will
That’s why I pledge to you my heart
‘Cause no matter what I’ll love you still
And avoid other guys breaking it apart

Chorus twice.

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2002.