I Lost My Heart When I Lost You

I didn’t think I would lose my heart
And especially not to you my darling
I’m only sorry now that I gave myself completely from the start
You left me crying and my soul bleeding
‘Cause now you walk around alone with my heart on your outsides
I was completely wrong and naive and blinded by you
I never doubted that the wrong would turn out right
But now I’m in doubt and don’t know what to do

I lost my heart when I lost you
I was trembling and so very scared
Before I lost you I was turning blue
When you were here you really cared
I lost my heart when I lost you
I was hoping for a love so true
I ended up falling in love with you
Before I lost you, it was all I could do

Never thought that I would lose my mind
I couldn’t help losing it when I met you
When I’d only met you once I thought you were more than extremely kind
You just came and helped me out of the blue
You always bragged about all the famous people that you knew
There’s no doubt about it that I would brag about it too
I swear ’cause I know I’ll never stop loving you
It hurts and I know there’s nothing I can do


You took my heart with you as you left
But I can’t turn you in for such a theft
If only you knew how I’m feeling
You could stop my soul from bleeding
If only you would turn yourself into me
And bring back the heart you took from me
Maybe you would say it’s my own fault
And I should have picked up the phone and called
But you see, it’s harder for me than so
‘Cause I never wanted you to go…

Chorus twice.

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2001.