Mariah Carey

There she is
Smiling so fine
Drinking champagne
And sweet wine
She sings so great
But she’s losing faith
This isn’t her fate
She’s got so much to do

She used to have the world at her feet
But I think she knows what she needs
She used to be adored so much
Someone says she’s out of touch

Mariah Carey
I adore her voice
More than I adore
Mother Mary
And I adore her
Music choice
Someone thinks
It’s scary
She can be much more
Than what I already adore
I hope she gets the inspiration back
She can show the world she can get back on track

I love her songs, especially Hero
On movies I like Robert DeNiro
But in voices no one can beat Mariah
No one from Norway to Korea

She walks around
Helplessly free and bound
Everybody knows her
But anyway they don’t know her at all
She it watched
By many people
Who want to know her life
But they’ll never know her mind
Men with their wives
Are treating them unkind
I understand why they’re jealous
They say, “Don’t let her come between us”
But how can she come between
‘Cause she doesn’t even know them?
Men only see her
And it’s in their dreams

She has my admiration
Even though I’ll never meet her
I listen to her CDs on any occasion
Even if I could I wouldn’t defeat her

We will always be together you and I
And Mariah Carey will last forever, but don’t dare to ask why…

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2002.