Growing Strong

I look in your eyes
And I feel so secure
The way they hypnotise
For me you hold the door
And we walk down the street
We got much talking to do
You look so kind and sweet
I’m glad I’m the one who’s beside you

I’ve never felt such love
And it’s growing all the time
Together we can never be wrong
I’ve never felt like this
Promise you’ll always be mine
‘Cause now we are truly growing strong
Nothing’s wrong
In growing strong

Growing ev’ryday
I think we’re gonna last
A thing you always say
Is “don’t worry ‘bout the past”
I feel your love around
When you whisper in my ear
That I make you spell-bound
You say nothing I don’t wanna hear


Lying in your bed
I hear your heart beating
“It only beats for you”
You say and “I’d never go cheating”
You call me a robber
Because I have robbed your heart
I don’t mind that nick name
‘Cause you also took mine from the start


Together we can survive it all
With you I can do everything
But if you go you know I will call
‘Cause without you I can do nothing

‘Cause I hope you know
Nothing’s wrong in growing strong
Hope you’ll let it show
‘Cause with you I’m growing strong

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2002.