Couldn’t You Fade Away?

I try
But I can’t forget you
But why
Can’t I make it through?
My heart
Is with you at night
At start
I’ve convinced myself it was right

But it would be easier for me
If you could just fade away
Then I wouldn’t think of you only
Just skip our contact one day…

And now
I’d like to know where I stand
But how
Can you miss my hand?
That day
When you walk away
I’ll pray
That there’s nothing that you will say


You wanna be friends
But not more than that
But make our friendship end
So I then have a reason to be sad
Then I can try to forget you
You don’t know what you do to me
Maybe I could make it through
If you would just let me be…

You wanna keep me
Also let me go
What do I have the right to be?
I want you to tell me ’cause I don’t know
I know you need me to need you
I want to keep my pride, you know
So you must just let me go
Or you better treat me right…


© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2001.