Build Up And Tear Apart

They get together then break apart
So why do you want my broken heart?
Everyone build it up and tear it apart
No one told me that from the start
They get together then break apart
So why will you mend my broken heart?
Everyone builds it up and it falls apart
No one told me that from the start

Boys and girls fall in love
And they will always do
They look at stars above
Like I look at you
They think they’ll last forever
And they tell all their friends
They will stay together
And they can find the rainbow’s end
But then when they grow up
They’ve had a change of heart
And their devotion suddenly stops
And their family falls apart


You and me fell in love
We were young and happy
We have changed but nothing
Changes the sky above
We thought we’d last forever
But now I’m starting over
‘Cause we didn’t stay together
The both of us must start over
(All over again)
We both thought we would stay
But not with a change of heart
We watched when our love faded away
And what we’ve built up fell apart


How come would nobody tell me
That nothing but true love lasts?
Someone says they weren’t meant to be
And they also went too fast
But either way people are not good
At solving problems and figure things out
But who wants to help me with starting over
So we can find out what love’s really about?

Repeat Chorus.

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2002.