Maybe, Maybe Not

Would you come runnin’ if I fell
If l fell for you?
Do you know why I can tell?
Tell me do you?
Why am I feeling so strange
When I’m by your side?
But you are out of my reach
I wait while you decide

Then you say
“Maybe, maybe not”
And I fade away
Your answer is “what?”
You don’t give me answers
To my questions
So how can you stand back
Denying confessions?
You don’t hear what I say
Maybe, maybe not baby!

Would you start crawling if I run
If I run to you?
You just think ev’rything’s fun
Tell me don’t you
Why am I feeling so sad
When I’m close to you?
Do you think that this will last?
Is it that hard to be true?


Is it time for us to decide?
Am I wrong and you’re right?!
I don’t think we’ve moved closer to the truth
I think we’ve moved further away
What do you think about me and you?
Is it asking more than you can say?
I guess I’ll just go packing my stuff
Grab my books and my guitar
I’ve never had such a tough love
Your ‘maybe, maybe nots’ won’t get me far

Chorus 2:
Still you say
“Maybe, maybe not”
And I fade… (etc.)

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2002.