Don’t Let Anybody Come Between Us

Friend, you’ve got a lot on your mind
But tell it to me, don’t keep it behind
You gave me a message yesterday
But girl, I won’t let you fade away

You told me not to worry
But girl I do, so sorry
You told me about that day
When a boy made you go astray
But girl, don’t believe their disguise
You can see the truth in their eyes
In this friendship I don’t wanna be the boss
But don’t let anybody come between us!

Girl, you’ve got a lot to deal with
I’m mad at those guys who treat you like shit
You’re too sweet and so much beautiful
To be played around and pushed and pulled


If he says you can’t go to a party
I’ll think it’s because he know it’s with me
I’m so sure he doesn’t like me
But it’s not my problem really
No actually not
He thinks he’s hot
And want you all night alone
But girl, if you don’t want to
You can just say no
If you think it’s hard
You can call me on the phone
You’re always welcome to call
Don’t let a guy come between at all


© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2002.