Frozen Out

I know you need to cry out on my shoulder
As every day goes by you feel it’s getting colder
You complain to me and say it’s all my fault
But honey listen; without me no one would have heard your call

But I’m glad I’m not the one to be crucified
The cross-examination made you cry
It’s not enough for them all that you’ve frozen
It’s just because of them; the choice you’ve chosen…

It’s too bad you’re frozen out
They don’t know what it’s all about
They hurt you every time you’re near
And they want you to disappear
But no one can vanish into the air
Honey, I’ll be there for you and care
The way they treat you is so unfair
I won’t do like them and leave you out there
I’m so sad you’re frozen out
But I know what you’re all about

I should know better than keeping you outdoors
Though you say nothing can hurt you like before
Then you say nothing never is what it seems
I know that look in your eyes, it’s because you’ve lost all your dreams

But I’m glad I’m not the one to be kept out there
You think ev’rything’ s fine ev’rything’s fair
Honey, don’t you know I could never blame you?
I try to break these walls but I can’t get through


The others don’t seem to care, they just left you there
And then they say, you’re standing in the way
How can they be so cruel, to say you’re a fool?
I’ll be your strength and comfort, you can expect my support
But then you say, “No one has to comfort me”
But honey, just like you, I also wanna be free


© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2002.