I Hate Goodbyes

I love butterflies
And I love you
I hate goodbyes
So don’t dare to
Don’t dare to leave me
You must believe me
Never deceive me
I can bring you felicity

I am crazy for your love
I am crazy for your touch
I want it to be more than tough
I am silly just to cry
Stupid just to pass you by
But don’t say this is your goodbye

I am hanging on to you
I am hurt by things you do
I hold on even though I’m blue
I am silly just to fall
If you’ll say goodbye – don’t call
If you do I’ll rip you off the wall


When you make my thoughts rotate
I don’t want to imitate
Your goodbye makes me hesitate
Shouldn’t we go on a date?
Instead of makin’ me wait
If you don’t want me – say it straight

So don’t go makin’ a scene
Speaking ’bout what could have been
And say “I don’t know what you mean”
But honey, it’s obvious
Your face is fastidious
And you’re neither God nor Jesus


‘Cause honey, I hate goodbyes
No sympathy for telling lies
I know so baby don’t deny
I lay my head on your chest
Hearing your heart beat’s the best
Don’t say “Goodbye; It was just a test”

You didn’t mean to hurt me
Then what? Tell me exactly
‘Cause I’m as desperate as can be
And you know I hate goodbyes
But I give it a second try
Then fall asleep to my lullaby


© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2002.