Fuck You!

I come to the party
But I’m not alone
Like you said I would
You say you’re a smartie
Calling me on the phone
Saying I should, stay at home
If only I could

Now I’m here with my new love
And you look jealous when you look at me
For you even the world wouldn’t be enough
I truly know you don’t want us to be

You always try to make my relations fall apart
You could even break me down by tearing out my heart
You think you know what’s good for me
But I tell you over and over we’ll never be
And all the tacky things you do
Won’t make me fall in love with you too
Destroying my life that’s what you want to
So well fuck you!

When I only walk by
You’re grabbing my ass
And telling my guy
We’re having an affair
He’ll never believe you
And I know he wouldn’t care
So get lost dummy!

‘Cause I’m here with my new love
And he won’t even care you looking at me
‘Cause the chance to be with me is just too tough
And he knows you and I won’t ever be


You’re telling your friends you’re my guy
But do they really believe you?
If they do I only wonder why
‘Cause no one ever loved you, so why should I want to!?
So well fuck you!


© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2002.