No Wonder

I thought it would stop this time
But there is still a lot of crime
There is garbage in the nature
We’re gonna give the world a cure
There are dying animals
Animals are stuck in the oil
Who’s gonna help those animals?
It’s the aching Earth we always spoil

It’s no wonder
If this world breaks under
We should make love not war
Can anyone catch a falling star?
We should turn the world into peace
Would anybody help me please?

Trees are falling all around
In the end it will kill ourselves
Rare animals are falling down
There’s a lot of poison on the shelf
Opps! Poison is spilled in the sea
One day there’ll be no air to breathe
Tell me when are we gonna see
That we must start with what lies beneath?


Just listen to your heart
Before it falls apart
You should care about more than you
You should do what the Earth wants you to
See the world as a great human
Who we’re spoiling all we can
We’re pumping out its blood
Without asking God
And we’re cutting its skin
But we don’t see it’s a sin
And we kill what keeps it alive
It’s dyin’ but we’re doin’ the jive
We’re forcing it to drink our poison
We’re poisoning the one we walk on
The Earth only wishes we’d never begun
Save the Earth to save your daughter or son

Repeat Chorus.

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2001.