No One Can Love You (Like I Do)

I wanna see your face
In the morning light
I wanna be the place
Where you sleep at night
I wanna watch you when you sleep
I wanna catch you if you fall
I wanna dry the tears you weep
I’d die to be the one you call
‘Cause I can…

Love you like nobody else
I won’t keep love to myself
I’ll bring it down to my knees
If that should be what you please
I’ll drop what’s in my hands to help you
That’s why no one can love you like I do
I hope you’ll soon realize it’s true
That no one can love you like I do

I wanna hold your hand
But if you break down
I will still understand
I will be around
Wanna kiss the ground you walk on
I wanna hold the door for you
But I will let it slide back in
‘Cause you have to realize what I do
‘Cause I will…


I wanna stand by
Lend a helping hand
Just do what you want to
‘Cause I understand
I wanna speak the words you say
I wanna catch a falling star
I wanna love you day by day
‘Cause I’ll always want to be where you are
And I’ll still…


There’s no use to speak
When you’re not there
I think I’m getting weak
So I truly hope you’ll care
There’s no need to live
If you don’t wanna be here
I’ll give you anything I can give
So at least you could dry my tears
But I will…

Love you like always
You know I do
I think of you all day
Just say you think of me too
I know you know much
But not enough about me
I’m always dyin’ to feel your touch
Ain’t that reasons enough to see?
I’ll always…

Repeat Chorus.

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2001.