Do You Think I’m Stupid!?

I see you’re looking at her
Every time we go to a party
You find out if she’s there
What do you think about me!?
Don’t think I’m blind!
Soon you’re gonna find
Me walking out the door
Won’t be coming back for more

Do you think I’m stupid!?
I’ve seen the little Cupid
She’s the only thing on your mind
Don’t you dare to think I’m blind!

Never be the same again
When you’ve pushed me through that kind of pain
But you don’t see my vain
People think you’re insane!
It’s the small things
I know that it brings
A bigger space ‘tween us
Ask people if they have seen us


Yesterday someone told me
That you had slept with her
I knew there was something wrong
I knew what it was, ’cause the feeling was strong

Chorus till end.

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2000.