Dreaming what wonder life can be
And wishing that love was right here with me
Then I think about all things I can achieve
And I hope that I will always just believe

Running from empty tracks behind
I’m leaving for my somebody to find
And I won’t look back on my empty journey
So I leave my misery behind of me, oh oh oh oh

I hope that we will be together, oh oh oh oh
‘Cause I know I will see you soon my lo-o-oove

Calling my honey on the phone
Oh please pick up and show that you are home
And I will be glad if you’ve got time tonight
Just invite me over, I’ll be by your side, oh oh oh oh

I know that we will be together, oh oh oh oh
‘Cause I see what lies right in front of me-e-e

(C-stk. – No lyrics):

I found just what I was looking fo-o-o-or
My past doesn’t bother me anymo-o-o-ore

I love when nothing can be better we-e-e-e
Baby, say you will always love me -ee-ee-eeee

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2006.

Note: Dette er teksten til nummeret Dreaming jeg har lavet sammen med                      Lasse Grubbe. (Se link på siden til Musiksamarbejde.)