Make Up Your Mind

I’m not down because of you
I’m down for the things they do to you
And I’m not afraid
Though you tried to make me scared

I held you by the hand
You held me through the night
How can we ever understand
That hurting each other isn’t right?

I’ve been fooled around
And been blinded only by you
Now you say you’ll leave town
Finding another girl’s included too

You’ve always made me believe
It was their fault, not yours
But it doesn’t make me relieved
Though you say you’ll get back for more

Get back for my love
If you do that baby
It’ll prove you’re not so tough
Tough after all – to actually SEE me

You never wanted to be mine
So if you suddenly want me
You have certainly turned on a dime
That way I don’t want us to be
‘Cause you’re just a waste of time

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2003.