Happier For Life

Spending all my time with joy
Joy is now my true friend
Happy ’cause I love that boy
Who’ll be there ‘till the end
Never before felt so free
Life is now my true friend
Now I understand, I see
I’ll live it ‘till the end

I’m happier for life now
I’m so happy to be alive
Now I’ve found joy somehow
I really want to be alive
I was so sad before
But then joy came and changed my life
He blew me out the door
And in to his life as his wife

Spending time with family
Fix broken relations
Happy ’cause they’re here with me
Though there’ve been some problems
Never before felt so fine
I’ve got him by my side
Thought he would never be mine
But this I feel is right


I’ve got so much to thank him for
I know I owe him so much
He says he’d be glad to give more
He blesses me with ev’ry touch


© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2003.