How come I always say him and I?
How come I never ask why?
He’s the reason why I don’t cry
He’s the truth and not a lie
But it’s all about us
And I like it
It’s all about us both
‘Cause I need it

I don’t know what I would do if he left me
I believe that I have the right to be
The one he wants to see
For eternity

I just want him with me all the time
Have the right to say he’s mine
I don’t lie if I say all’s fine
We won’t be caught up in time
‘Cause it’s all about us
And I love it
It’s all about our love
And I want it


It’s all about feeling like one
He shall be there when I come
None of my feelings are gone
I love him as my friend, lover, dad and son
And just work things out
That’s what it’s all about
And it’s all about you
And about me
It’s honesty, it’s true
And to feel free


© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2001.