I Only Live (When I’m With You)

(Dedicated to Robert)

I only live when I’m with you
‘Cause all the hurt you can undo
You make me smile and take away my pain
But I get sad ’cause I know I must soon return to them again
I only live when I’m with you
Like Britney I am pretty too
Or at least that’s what you’ve told me baby
I know I’m not a supermodel but you say I’m quite pretty

How come can an angel love me like you do?
‘Cause I’m just me and I never asked you to
When we’re together I can’t stop smiling
And we’re together so there’s no one hiding
I like when you smile at me baby
And I can’t believe you want us to be
I live but my heart beats for you
And when you’re not there it beats for two


How come can an angel leave me even though
I want you to stay but babe you have to go
Yet I don’t know how much I really love you
But I can’t bite the cake and even chew
‘Cause my love for you is like that way
You are so far away but I can’t stay
So we don’t see each other much
But it makes me long more for your touch


I wake up with you by my side
And it feels completely right
Sometimes you look like a little boy
But the way you laugh only brings me joy
There’s a special look in your eyes
For you I can’t keep up my disguise
I feel I really show who I am inside
It’s too bad you’re not here to see me tonight


© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2002.