Someone Special

I want to watch the football match
But it shall only be with you
I want to swallow some beers
Even though we get drunk I’ll still be true
When they kick the ball in goal
We say ‘great’ and ‘cheers’
And drink some beers
And we got no fears, babe

I want to be someone special
Try all I can
To act like a man
To get into his world
Into his life
And into his heart
I need to be someone special
So he sees me
In spite of it all
To all the other girls
I want to be the
Only one he calls

I want to tell a tough story
But I won’t start to feel sorry
‘Cause he’s a man, he can take it
Look at me; I’m a girl in the men’s world
But I know I can make it
Won’t have to fake it
I won’t have to
‘Cause now he noticed me, see…


Let us go to the mall
So you can check out butts
While we stand in the great hall
Don’t worry ‘bout me
Even though I’m jealous
I understand
‘Cause I’m a special kind of man-woman

There’s no one else I need to find
‘Cause I got man in you and a man-woman in me
Now there’s no one but me on his mind
I’m who he wants me to be
And now he loves me you see…


© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2001.