You are there to talk with
I’m trying not to write something bad
But I think there’s nothing but goods
I only hope, that it will make you happy, and not sad

Dear Louise
I’m asking you please
If you are going away
Promise you’ll come back one day
And I’ll be there for you
But you must do what you got to

We believe the same things
And it’s always nice talking with you
I know you’re gonna get your wings
No matter what, I will do what I can, to help you through


You’re just like an angel
It’s what I believe
Let us hope you’re always well
This is the words from me

May God have mercy
And believe in your soul
But if you want to be free
I hope it only comes when you’re old


I’m afraid to promise too much
But I kinda love you as a sister
Let us stay in touch
I’ll pray for joy and laughter


© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2001.