Constantly Changing

You’re constantly changing your words
And you’re constantly changing your heart
You say I don’t have to get hurt
But I’m hurt ’cause your changing’s tearing me apart
You’re constantly changing your lies
And you’re constantly changing your light
I don’t have to tell you goodbye
But honey I know I will but I won’t tonight

How can you keep on disguising?
I guess we don’t know eachother yet
Constantly changing and constantly lying
Will only build up a fear in my head

Don’t you know I can see through you?
And don’t you know I will leave soon?
So don’t say you don’t want me to
So now all you’ll have left is your faith in the moon
I’ll be constantly changing too
So you’ll know what it’s like to be me
Confused and don’t know what to do
You will come back to me but it ain’t that easy


Do you think it is fun?
And do you think it’s fair?
Well, how do you think I felt
Running around down there?

Do you think I’m happy
When I’ve done this to you?
But now it’s not that easy
I’ll keep you suffering too

So now I’ll keep on disguising
I know I don’t even know you yet
Constantly changing and constantly lying
Will only knock you right out of my head

Repeat Chorus 2.

© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2002.

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