Pretending I love you
And have soon convinced myself
That it is true
But I just need some help
To try to get through
And get over you

But when you smile at me
And hold my body tight
I’m lost as I can be
Trapped in the heat of the night
And once again I’m…

There’s no bigger fool than me
I believe in your love for me
But there’s more I need to be
Please let me go and be free
I’m allowed to cry
‘Cause I’m believing a lie

I know I’ve gotta hate
It’s one way to change my fate
My silly fate
Don’t let it be too late
Just walk out that door
Can take no more

But then you look at me
“Do you really mean it?”
And I show you mercy
I guess it’s nearing the ending
But once again I’m…

Chorus twice.

Now I see what I’ve done
I wish you were gone
I want to start over again
But first I will say goodbye
Don’t want to hold on in vain
I know you won’t even start to cry
I want to live my life
You can go and find a wife…

I guess it’s nearing the ending
But once again I’m…


© Copyright, Ida Pedersen, 2000.

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